City of Dread

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Jun 28, 2024
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Carve a refuge for humanity in a city choked by dread! City of Dread is an action-packed mobile game that blends survival, base building, and strategic combat – all at your fingertips!

Step into the boots of a lone mercenary, a survivor in a world ravaged by roamers. Scavenge for resources, delve into the decaying cityscape, and establish a fortified haven for the scattered remnants of humanity.

But this won't be a haven of peace. Gear up with an arsenal of over 6 unlockable weapons, each perfect for taking down the shambling hordes and hulking bosses that threaten your fledgling base.

Shotguns for close quarters, assault rifles for mid-range, and sniper rifles for distant threats – you choose your tools of survival!

City of Dread offers endless strategic depth:
• Gather and manage resources: Every scrap of metal, every vial of medicine is vital for your survival.
• Unlock new city sectors: Expand your haven, build crafting stations, and establish medical bays for rescued survivors.
• Customize your loadout: Equip yourself with up to 6 weapons at once, switching between them on the fly to adapt to any situation.
• Refine your skills: Sharpen your combat expertise to outmaneuver waves of roamers and emerge victorious against monstrous bosses.

City of Dread offers a pick-up-and-play experience with depth for hardcore gamers. Short, intense bursts of action are perfect for on-the-go play, while strategic base building and character progression keep you hooked for hours.

Are you ready to become the city's last bastion? Download City of Dread now and fight for a new dawn!

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