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Jun 27, 2024
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Immerse yourself in the challenging world of Block Puzzle Area Fill Game! This unique puzzle game will test your strategic thinking and precision as you fill grid areas with colorful blocks. Navigate through exciting levels and aim to outsmart the orange blocks with your green blocks to win and unlock new challenges.

Key Features:

Engaging Puzzle Mechanics: Tap on the grid to start filling the area with blocks. Use two different colors: orange blocks that are pre-placed and green blocks that spawn where you tap.
Grid-Based Levels: Each level presents a grid-like environment where your goal is to fill as much area as possible.
Strategic Gameplay: Carefully plan your moves to ensure the green blocks cover more area than the orange blocks. The more area you fill with green blocks, the higher your chances of winning.
Win and Progress: Complete the area filling and see which color covers more space. If the green blocks fill more area, you win and unlock the next level. Keep progressing and earn rewards along the way.
Challenging Levels: Face increasingly difficult levels as you advance. Each level brings new challenges and requires more strategic thinking to conquer.
Rewards and Achievements: Earn rewards for completing levels. Use your achievements to unlock new challenges and showcase your puzzle-solving skills.
How to Play:

Tap to Start: Tap on the grid to spawn green blocks and start filling the area.
Fill the Area: Watch as the green and orange blocks spread across the grid. Aim to cover more area with green blocks.
Complete the Level: Once the area filling is complete, the game will calculate which color filled more area.
Win or Lose: If green blocks cover more area, you win and move to the next level. If orange blocks cover more, you’ll need to retry the level.
Advance and Unlock: Keep progressing through levels, unlocking new challenges, and earning rewards.
Challenge your mind and enjoy hours of puzzle-solving fun with Block Puzzle Area Fill Game! Download now and start your journey to conquer every level!

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