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Jul 4, 2024
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- Automatic Fish Measurement: Measure the length, girth, and weight of your catch by taking a picture.
- AI Processing: AI calculates the measurements from the image.
- Manual Calculation Option: Users can manually calculate measurements if they prefer.
- Tagging and Saving: Tag the owner if it’s not your catch, or save it to your profile if it is.
- Ask AI Feature: Ask AI for fly fishing-related questions.


Introducing Flytechy – Reinventing the Way Fish Are Measured!

Capture Unforgettable Moments with PROOF BALL
Embark on a new era of fishing with our revolutionary PROOF BALL. This cutting-edge device utilizes our patent-pending technology to measure your catch in real-time. Say goodbye to estimation and embrace precision in every fishing adventure.

Share Your Size-Verified Fish Tales
Flytechy isn't just about fishing; it's about sharing your triumphs. After using PROOF BALL, save your size-verified fish stories directly to your profile. Impress your buddies with genuine accounts of your angling achievements and relive those thrilling moments anytime.

Compete for Cash and Prizes
Join the Flytechy Club Membership to take your fishing experience to the next level. Engage in the fishing frenzy as every catch counts in the Flytechy weekly, monthly, and annual showdowns. Compete against fellow anglers for exciting cash prizes and exclusive rewards. The thrill of the competition awaits you!

Privacy Matters – Your Data, Your Control
At Flytechy, we prioritize your privacy. Rest assured that your Flytechy data is confidential and entirely under your control. You have the flexibility to share your fishing data with local fisheries if you wish, fostering a collaborative approach to fisheries management while maintaining your data's security.

Stay Informed with Flytechy Updates
Receive regular updates on new features, technological advancements, and exclusive events through the Flytechy app. Stay at the forefront of the fishing community and enhance your angling experience with the latest tools and innovations.

Conservation – Empower Local Fisheries with Your Data
At Flytechy, we believe in sustainable fishing practices. You have the option to share your fishing data with local fisheries, contributing to a collaborative approach to fisheries management. Together, we can promote responsible fishing and ensure the well-being of aquatic ecosystems.

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