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Jul 4, 2024
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Quizz is an entertainment quiz app where you get unlimited questions that can’t be found anywhere else.

Install Quizz and answer the questions, read interesting explanations, educate yourself.

This stress-relieving trivia game will take your mind off daily troubles and help you relax.
Just your brain and our quizzes. No need to wait for other players' replies!

Quizz is:
-a fun trivia app to test your IQ and general knowledge
-entertaining questions for all categories of interest
-a relaxing game, which is also a source of valuable and little-known information

-delightful learning experience whether you know the answers or not
-a game to help you fall asleep or to start your day with
-detailed explanation for every question

It’s nothing like other educational and anti-stress games: Quizz makes learning easy and relaxes your mind at the same time!
How to play
-check your knowledge: answer questions, read descriptions for correct answers .


-all questions are filtered by difficulty. The more questions you answer, the more difficult questions you get. The difficulty of a question is indicated by white scales under each question.

Topic of Quize:
1. General Knowledge
2. History
3. Geography
4. Sports
5. Science
6. Literature
7. Entertainment
8. Politics
9. Technology
10. Arts and Culture
11. Bangladesh Studies
12. Current Affairs
13. World History
14. Nature and Environment
15. Economics
16. Music
17. Movies and TV
18. Food and Cuisine
19. Famous Personalities
20. Language and Literature
21. Mathematics
22. Mythology
23. Health and Medicine
24. Inventions and Discoveries
25. Architecture
26. Astronomy
27. Business and Industry
28. Education
29. Religion and Philosophy
30. Transportation and Travel
31. Fashion and Lifestyle
32. Animals and Wildlife
33. Festivals and Traditions
34. Cultural Heritage
35. Psychology and Sociology
36. World Capitals
37. Historical Events
38. Landmarks and Monuments
39. Natural Wonders
40. Famous Quotes

"Explore your knowledge with our engaging Quiz App! Dive into categories like General Knowledge, History, Geography, Sports, Science, and more. Test your skills with thousands of questions, unlock achievements, and challenge friends in multiplayer mode. Enjoy features like detailed explanations, timed challenges, and personalized progress tracking. Perfect for learning and fun, our Quiz App is your ultimate companion for trivia enthusiasts!"

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