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Mar 19, 2024
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Connect with Sadhguru and practice Isha Yoga on the official Sadhguru App! Discover Yoga for beginners and benefit from free Yoga and meditation practices that can help you overcome stress and anxiety, and establish lasting calm and joy, in just a few minutes a day.

Sadhguru App and Isha Yoga practices are now available in 12 languages – German, Russian, French, Spanish, German, Hindi, Telugu, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, and Tamil.

Start your day with Sadhguru’s daily quotes, stay up to date with his latest articles, listen to his podcasts, and watch videos on a wide range of topics including spirituality, success, Yoga, meditation, relationships, health, fitness, and living a joyful and stress-free life.

Sadhguru’s Guidance and Wisdom
– Start your day with Sadhguru – Quotes for your daily dose of insight and inspiration
– Daily Sadhguru Wisdom Videos – Short daily wisdom bites from Sadhguru to help you start your spiritual life
– Sadhguru Videos, Articles, and Podcasts – Latest videos and articles on a wide range of intriguing topics, and podcasts, so you can access Sadhguru’s wisdom wherever you are.
– Sadhguru Exclusive – Video platform to explore Mysticism & Spirituality with Sadhguru

Free Yoga Practices
Yoga for Health – A simple way to activate the energy nodules in your joints and exercise your muscles, bringing ease to the whole system.
Yoga for Immunity – Practices to help enhance your immunity and lung capacity
Yoga for Success – A vertical spine corresponds to a leap in capability in evolution. This simple practice keeps the spine healthy and active, naturally leading to success.
Yoga for Overall Wellbeing – Yoga Namaskar is a simple and powerful process that activates the lumbar region and strengthens the muscles along the spine to prevent the collapse of the spine due to ageing.
Yoga for Peace – The Nadi Shuddhi practice cleanses the nadis, – the pathways through which pranic energy flows, – resulting in a balanced system and psychological well-being.
Yoga for Joy – Nada Yoga – the Yoga of sound or reverberation, – allows you to utter the sounds that create an inner atmosphere of joy, making it a natural way to be.
Yoga for Inner Exploration – Shambhavi Mudra is an easy, effortless process that enhances your perception and makes you receptive to that dimension of life often termed Grace.
Yoga for Love – The many nerve endings in your palms make them very sensitive. By placing them together in Namaskar, you can change your chemistry to foster love within.

Guided Meditations
Isha Kriya – Learn a free 12-minute guided meditation designed by Sadhguru. Daily practice of Isha Kriya helps bring health, dynamism, peace and well-being.
Sadhguru Presence – Experience Sadhguru's presence daily at 6:20 PM through a 7-minute guided chant.
Infinity Meditation – Designed by Sadhguru, this 15-minute Infinity-guided meditation creates stability and balance in one’s energies and can bring one to an experience of boundlessness.
Chit Shakti Meditations – Using the power of the mind to create what one wants in one’s life is called Chit Shakti. These four Chit Shakti -guided meditations will help you to manifest love, health, peace, and success in your life:
– Chit Shakti Meditation for Love
– Chit Shakti Meditation for Health
– Chit Shakti Meditation for Peace
– Chit Shakti Meditation for Success

Inner Engineering Online – Seven 90-minute sessions that impart powerful tools from the ancient science of Yoga, with the potential of transforming the way you live, conduct, and experience your life.

Wake up to a chant – The new alarm feature will help you start your day on a positive note by waking up to chants like Nirvana Shatakam, Guru Paduka Stotram, and others. Access a whole library of chants and music by Sounds of Isha right from the app.


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