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The Slow-jogging metronome is a running cadence metronome designed for all runners. It is suitable for running beginners, healthy weight losers, and runners who want to improve their cardiopulmonary function and reduce sports injuries. Through precise tempo control, the Slow-jogging metronome helps you maintain a constant slow-jogging pace, thereby optimizing the running effect and making every step you take full of rhythm and comfort.

Why Slow jogging is recommended:
Slow jogging originated in Japan and was proposed by Professor Hiroaki Tanaka of Fukuoka University.

The principle of slow-jogging is based on the "low-intensity, long-term" aerobic exercise theory.
Low-intensity exercise can keep the heart rate between 60% and 70% of the maximum heart rate. This range is considered the best fat burning and cardiopulmonary function improvement range. Within this heart rate zone, the body primarily uses fat as a source of energy rather than glycogen, which aids in fat loss and weight management.

What are the benefits of slow jogging:

– Improve cardiopulmonary function: Long-term slow-jogging can enhance heart function and improve oxygen utilization.
– Reduce sports injuries: Because running is low-intensity and puts less pressure on joints and muscles, it can significantly reduce the risk of sports injuries.
– Promote fat burning: Under low-intensity exercise, the body is more inclined to use fat as energy, which helps with weight control and weight loss.
-Improve sleep quality: Regular ultra-jogging can improve sleep quality and help your body and mind relax better.
– Enhance mental health: During jogging, runners can often enjoy the relaxation and happiness brought by running, which helps reduce stress and depression.

Slow Jogging Metronome Guide:

-Pace regulator-
Supports cadence adjustment, choose your running cadence according to your daily habits, including the popular Japanese 180bpm tempo, 150bpm tempo, 200bpm tempo, etc. Quickly customize your running tempo!

-Super jogging beat-
There are a large number of 180bpm beat music to choose from. Follow the beat step by step without hurting your knees. The combination of music and beats allows you to enjoy while running, making running full of fun~

You just run and leave the data to us. Every time you jog, we will record the number of steps, kilometers, calories burned, and running time for you!

Set a small goal every day, set the exercise time, and start the slow-jogging timer to remind you regularly!

-data analysis-
Record your running data in detail, including speed, cadence, running time and calories burned, and showcase your progress with graphs and analytics reports.

-Free without ads-
Green and safe, simple and clean interface, no ads!

15 minutes a day, you won’t be out of breath or tired, and you can strengthen your heart and lungs. Whether you want to exercise or lose weight, the Slow Jogging Metronome is your best choice. Go ahead~

Download now and start changing now!

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