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Mar 27, 2024
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Protect your device against ransomware, malware, spyware, and other online privacy threats with the new and improved Quick Heal v24. Get security and privacy scores along with tips to improve your protection, and experience the empowerment of metaProtect and Smart Parenting – all powered by cutting-edge AI at the core.

Key Highlights:

Security Score – Get insights on your risk situation and security status along with helpful tips for enhancing device security.

Privacy Score –Learn about your personal data risks and get useful tips to strengthen and protect your privacy online.

Smart Parenting – Enable a secure online environment for your kids by blocking inappropriate websites and harmful content on YouTube. Regulate app access and screen time to provide a space that is digitally safe.

Personalized Recommendation – Get real-time, easy-to-understand visual snapshots of your digital well-being reports, along with recommendations to improve your digital safety and online privacy.

metaProtect – Get a synchronized security experience across all your devices to map your family's devices to a single metaProtect account, to manage your device security remotely and in real-time.

GoDeep.ai – Experience unparalleled Security and Power with our cutting-edge AI technology to safeguard against advanced attacks.

Key Features:

Antivirus Protection:
Automatically scans files, apps, and downloads for viruses and malware, including spyware, Trojans, adware, etc.

Ransomware Protection:
Gets your files automatically secured with effortless backup and restore to ensure that your data is safe against ransomware

Data Breach Alert*:
Check if your email ID, password, or other personal information has been leaked from your accounts, and give you recommendations for preventive actions.

YouTube Supervision*:
Allows you to monitor and control objectionable YouTube content on your devices.
Scans your device environment, installed apps, files, and Wi-Fi Network to ensure complete safety for all your online financial transactions.

Safe Browsing :

Enables 100% protection from malicious, phishing websites and fraudulent links.

Allows you to remotely lock/block your phone, get mobile location, ring an alarm, and wipe out your data from a mobile device using a cloud console

Intruder Alert*:
Captures the image, and location of the person trying to access your device without your knowledge or permission and sends Intruder’s details to a configured email address

Anti-Spyware :
Alerts you when your device camera or microphone is turned on, so your privacy is not violated by any unauthorized apps or platforms.

Wi-Fi Security:
Scans all the Wi-Fi networks and alerts when attempting to connect to an unsafe network

Secure Delete*:
Securely delete your sensitive or confidential data permanently so that it cannot be retrieved by anyone

Screen Time Control:
Allows you to view and regulate daily screen-time allowance for each app on your device.

Note: * Star-marked features are available only in the Paid version of the app

* This app uses Device Administrator permissions for the Antitheft feature to lock and locate your device or wipe device data if it is lost or stolen.
* Accessibility permission is required to enable the Web Security feature which provides protection against fraudulent/malicious and phishing link, as we block the URLs once our antivirus product raises suspicion and prompt the user to close the link; and thus, protecting the user.
*All File Access permission is required to allow full scanning of all the files available on the device's internal storage such as photos, videos, files, etc. as the Deep Scan feature cannot access these files by default.

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