Lada 2113 Russian City Driving

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Jun 8, 2024
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You are returning to your hometown Zarechensk after ten years of absence. Arriving at the railway station by red train, the main character notices that Zarechensk has changed: new buildings, developed infrastructure, but at the same time it has retained its unique flavor and atmosphere of the Soviet era.
Go to your home to relax and explore the city, see old friends and start new adventures.

Simulator of the Lada Thirteen series car in Zarechensk – a cozy provincial town surrounded by forests and mountains. In this game you can drive a car and walk – explore the big city, you can open doors and enter buildings. Earn and collect money to improve your Vaz Lada 2113 car. Find rare crystals, hidden suitcases and tuning elements for Lada cars. You can buy apartments and houses.

– Detailed Russian city of Zarechensk.
– Complete freedom of action in the city: you can get out of the car, run along the streets and enter houses.
– Purchasing real estate – buy yourself a new apartment or a large country house.
– Russian cars on the roads of the game, you can meet such cars as – tinted Lada Priorik, UAZ Loaf, Gaz Volga, Paz bus, Oka, Zaporozhets, VAZ 2109, Lada Granta and many other Soviet cars.
– A realistic simulator of driving a car around the city in heavy traffic. Will you be able to drive a Lada 2113 without breaking traffic rules? Or do you prefer aggressive street driving?
– Car traffic and walking pedestrians on the city streets.
– Secret suitcases are scattered throughout the city, by collecting them all you can unlock nitro on your VAZ 2113!
– Your own garage, where you can improve and tune your tinted Lada – change wheels, repaint it in a different color, change the suspension height.
– If you are far from your car, click on the search button and it will appear near you.

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