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Jul 4, 2024
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You, a kitten, were originally a small creature in the novice village, constantly mocked and attacked by the Elder Cats. One day, the Cat God gave you a Cat Box that dispenses equipment. From that day on, the kitten turned into the protagonist, taking up arms and bravely venturing into the world!

Just as a small ant can shake a giant tree, a praying mantis can stop a cart! As your feline body sways, you can make the heavens and earth tremble! Join other MeowZillas to defeat various strong enemies and protect the feline homeland!

Key Features:
● Idle Progression, Exciting Loot
Utilize the idle function to automatically advance through the map without constantly monitoring the game progress. During the adventure, continuously click on the Cat Box to receive cool and gorgeous equipment rewards, allowing you to experience the thrill of loot drops. Come and move your fingers to easily obtain god-tier gear and epic attributes!

● Evolution and Unique Skills
Throughout the adventure, the kitten continues to train and learn new skills, eventually evolving into MeowZilla. Each stage of evolution offers unique skills and styles, allowing players to fully enjoy the diversity and power of the character.

● Recruit Companions, Adventure Together
Adventure is not lonely with companions. Players can recruit various companions to form a powerful adventure team. These companions may be mysterious and cute creatures. They will join the kitten in facing unknown challenges and protecting the feline homeland together.

● Thrilling Bullet Hell Boss Battles
Experience exciting bullet hell boss battles. Use flexible controls to dodge enemy attacks, showcase your skills, defeat powerful bosses, and earn rich rewards.

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