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May 18, 2024
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What's new

・The English version has been tentatively released.
There are some parts that are not translated into English, mistranslations, and display discrepancies, but we will address them in future versions.


WANDUN -Wanderers&Dungeons-

◆Retro and classic 3D dungeon RPG
Retro and nostalgic style, grid-style first-person dungeon exploration.
A simple turn-based battle RPG with command input.

◆Recommended for these people
・Old gamers in their 40s to 60s.
・I love conquering dungeons and filling in maps with my own power.
・I like old-style games from the 1980s and 1990s.
・I want to create my own character.
・I want to use my own character image.
・I want to defeat monsters and get rare items.
・I want to play a challenging game.

◆Highly challenging hack and slash dungeon
Multiple underground labyrinths.
There are approximately 200 types of monsters and 200 types of items.
(We will continue to add more in future versions)
You can check the list of defeated monsters and obtained items.
Automapping is available from the camp menu. Requires spell or item.
In addition to the automap, you can also use the constantly displayed minimap.

◆Highly flexible character creation
Create a character from 8 professions, 5 races, and 3 personalities from “Create a character'' in the training field.
You can freely set a face image to the created character from a smartphone photo.
You can set "two names" and give unique abilities to your character.

There are limits to what players can do when they first start the game.
As you clear quests, the town's system will be unlocked.

◆Weapon and armor abilities
Weapons and armor obtained in dungeons are randomly assigned abilities.
There are many abilities such as "HP recovery after battle" and "Item drop rate up".
Even if the weapon is the same, its strength will change depending on the abilities granted, so you can enjoy hacking and slashing even more.

◆Processing weapons and armor
Weapons and armor can be made at the processing shop.
You can increase your attack power and defense power by adding or strengthening abilities.

◆Multiple skills
By leveling up your character, you will be able to use a large number of magic and attack skills for each occupation.
Also, by giving it the Fabricator ability, you will be able to use skills that cannot normally be used.

◆Bonus items
There are many bonus items that increase the experience points gained and the appearance rate of treasure chests for a certain period of time.
Make effective use of it and play the game efficiently.

◆Login bonus
Once a day, there is a login bonus where you can receive the above bonus items.

◆Daily Quest
There is a daily quest that can be cleared once a day. If you clear the stage, you can get bonus items etc.

◆Character reincarnation from the Wandroid series
Characters developed in Wandroid 1R to 8 can be reincarnated into WANDUN.

◆Billing elements
– Advertisements will be displayed in some parts of the game, but they can be removed by paying.
(There are some advertising elements that cannot be removed.)
– Increased number of characters created.
– Increased number of items that can be deposited at the depository.
– BGM and SE playback. BGM and SE are usually not available, but they can be played by paying a fee.
(There is no problem with playing even if BGM and SE are not available)

◆About support
・We will respond to bug reports, etc., but please note that we cannot answer questions regarding game strategy information.

◆Material provision
Material shop “Mr.” Masara Ujiie
Fluffy cat Kohei Hayama
Clark & Company clark
fantasy curve

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