Scary Girlfriend: Yandere Game

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Jul 10, 2024
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You play as Jack, a charming and popular high school boy known for his flirtatious nature. Jack's world turns upside down when his casual dating life takes a dark and twisted turn. He finds himself entangled with three obsessive girlfriends, each hiding a terrifying yandere side. This is a love simulation game that you can dating three girls in one time. But beware, don't let them see you dating other girls or…

Jack, a popular playboy, is dating three girls secretly: Lisa, the high school’s queen bee; Fiona, the intelligent bookworm; and Karen, the cute neighbor girl. However, his students world shatters when the GF's friend named Cherry and the teacher named Sakura discover his betrayal. In a fit of rage, Lisa, the seemingly sweet but dangerously obsessive girl, snaps and unleashes a night of terror.

After being knocked unconscious, Jack awakens to find the school transformed into a nightmare. Bodies lie scattered, and the halls echo with Lisa’s eerie calls. In this psychological horror game, Jack must use all his cunning and courage to escape this living hell. But be careful, Lisa the supervisor yandere girl is always watching and waiting for the lethal moment to strike.

With the visual novel style and anime artwork, this 3D games will bring you beautiful graphic and smart virtual AI girlfriend. Can You Survive the Dark Obsession of Love?

Say hello to "Scary Girlfriend: Escape the Yandere Girls" now and test your psycho in this anime horror escape room game!

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