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Jun 25, 2024
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In the late 21st century, a historic leap forward in artificial intelligence and material and energy technology gradually divided society into three factions vying for the future development of human civilization. The Silicon Intelligentsia advocate total technological domination; the Superhumans pursue the significant enhancement of human capabilities through surgical augmentation and neural interconnectivity; and, finally, the Primordial Order who believe in the irreplaceability of humanity's physical purity and focus on exploring the species' raw potential.

As the political competition between the three factions intensified, violent conflicts became increasingly frequent. After a protest march in Salt Lake City had turned into the United States' largest bloodbath in the 21st century, extremists from the Silicon Intelligentsia decided to reach for the forbidden fruit. They began researching and developing what legislators had deemed taboo: highly sophisticated artificial intelligence and autonomous weapons. Although these endeavors were a secret plan concocted by a handful of fanatics, progress was still rapid, given that by the year 2060, the technology had already been perfected.

Eventually, the secret plan of the Silicon Intelligentsia radicals was exposed, triggering an immediate purge by the government. Panicked and with nowhere to run, the fanatics removed all safety restrictions of their still unfinished work. And thus, the "Crimson Tide" was unleashed unto the world…

★ A Unique "Possession" System
SSR cards can "possess" multiple beautiful women, each of whom has their own talents!
Multiple possessions can also unlock eye-catching card faces!

★ Exciting Tactical Combat
Challenge various formidable enemies through diverse character combinations!
Experience the strategic charm of unlocking interesting skills and combinations!

★ 100% SSR Probability Card Pack System
Both Permanent and Limited-time summoning pools guarantee obtaining an SSR card pack every time!
No need to worry about drawing disappointing "nothing-burgers" as you easily collect the gal you desire!

★ A Roster of Irresistible Beauties
Characters are rendered in a high-quality and realistic Japanese art style!
Join now to fight alongside this group of uniquely and charming young fighters!

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