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Jul 9, 2024
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Protect your phone 24 hours a day!

🔥 Key features and highlights:
Diversified alarm sound library: Built in with various alarm sound effects, from the piercing sound of the alarm whistle to the shocking sound of the alarm, each one can attract the attention of people around you, making your phone instantly the focus and protecting your property safety.

Intelligent Mobile Detection: With advanced sensor technology, once your phone is moved, whether it is stolen or accidentally slipped, the Guardian alarm can immediately sense and trigger the alarm, leaving thieves with nowhere to hide.

One click on/off: The interface is simple and intuitive, with just one click to quickly turn on or off the alarm mode. Whether it's daily travel or night rest, it can be easily set to ensure your safety.

Custom settings: Allow users to adjust alarm sensitivity and select specific alarm sounds according to personal needs, flexibly meeting various scene requirements.

💼 Widely applicable scenarios:
Prevent mobile phone theft in public places such as cafes, libraries, subways, etc.

As a safety alarm in luggage or backpacks during travel.

When resting at night, place it by the bed or window to prevent burglary.

When leaving your seat temporarily, such as going to the restroom or queuing up for shopping, ensure the safety of your phone.

🔒 Guarding every moment, reassuring every moment, your indispensable safety partner! Secure your belongings with a lock!

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