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Jun 29, 2024
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What's new

- Made it easier to access the settings drawer by simply swiping right on the home screen.
- Optimized some screen transition animations.
- Added an option to rate the application and view the version number in the About section.


The Transcriber is an offline live audio transcriber that works straight out of the box. No additional downloads needed once the application is installed.

Features :

– Uses an offline speech recognition model with an 89% accuracy rate in ideal conditions to transcribe incoming audio.

– Transcribe the audio from your device's microphone or the internal audio from compatible apps.

– Seamless playback and easy editing of all your recorded transcripts.

Permissions :

Microphone – Used to access the device's microphone to transcribe detected audio.

Notifications – This enables the application to display notifications with real-time transcription content along with a pause/resume button.

Frequently Asked Questions :

What does it mean to transcribe Internal Audio?

Internal audio in this context refers to the audio data generated by various software applications on the device, such as music players, video players, games or system sounds. To transcribe that internal audio would mean to determine whether the application generating the audio allows that data to be accessed, if the audio data is allowed to be accessed it would then need to be processed to determine whether any speech is present. Finally, if speech is present, it is converted to text.

Does the application support languages other than English?

At the moment, the application transcribes speech to text exclusively in English. The developer understands the need for multilingual support therefore support for other languages is planned for the near future. Stay tuned for updates!


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