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Jun 29, 2024
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Fixed one tiny, but annoying bug


The good old game of city names has received a second life!

Now you're not limited to just city names. Play with a vast array of geographical names. Our database contains tens of thousands of toponyms!

🏭 Countries and Villages
🌊 Seas and Oceans
⛵️ Lakes and Rivers
🌋 Mountains and Volcanoes
🌍 Continents and Islands
⛺️ And many, many more…

We've also refined the rules a bit – now the game has three difficulty modes for you to choose from. It's become more engaging, dynamic and beneficial!

Play with Artificial Intelligence, expand your knowledge and train your memory! You'll definitely have something to keep you busy in the coming months!

So, welcome to the world of GEO.W🌎RD!

Please read the rules all the way through, they're very simple.

There are 3 game modes:


🟩 EASY – Play with the first letter of the given name. For example, you write – ANTARCTICA, the opponent respond with a name also starting with A: ANTARCTICA – AMERICA – ALCATRAZ – ASIA – …

🟨 NORMAL – Play with the last letter. You write – TEXAS, the opponent respond with a name starting with S: TEXAS – SEATTLE – EDINBURG – GERMANY – …

🟥 HARD – Play with the first two letters. You write – FLORIDA, the opponent respond with a name also starting with FL: FLORIDA – FLEETWOOD – FLORENCIA – FLIXTON – …

And remember – this isn't a wild mental marathon! Set your own pace and just enjoy the game! ❤️

We express immense gratitude to Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia
We hope our game will serve as a pleasant motivator to discover new places and gain new knowledge!

In cities' hum, nations interlace,
Oceans and seas, vast embrace.
Rivers wind, lakes mirror skies,
Mountains rise, volcanoes' cries.

From New York's skyline to London's fog,
Everest's summit, Ganges' jog.
Countless names in geographic sprawl,
A world of wonders, for one and all.

Beautiful music "Amsterdam" by Christian Scholl

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